The Trail_by_Train_Tour (TTT) is a project born in Brussels during the year 2021, decreed «Year of the Rail» in the countries of the European Union. This project is the joint emanation of the running magazine «Zatopek» which claims its European anchorage and the company organizing sports events, the ASBL Sport et santé.

The goal? To set up in 2023 the first European tour of running events that combine the love of sport in the middle of nature (trail-running) and the choice of transportation that reduces its impact on global warming, the train.

Meyboom Trail

Key idea

The strength of this TTT project comes from its position at the meeting of three convergences.


The use of the train as a means of travel to the different events of the TTT is the real thread of the project. Studies show that, in large popular running events, transport of participants represents the bulk of their carbon footprint.

Stages of the 2023 tour

At least 6 countries and 8 events  : Paris – Brussels – Luxembourg – Lausanne – Milan – Vienna etc. All concerned cities will be connected with high speed and/or international trains. 4 first European networks/corridors are used:
-the Thalys network > North Sea-Mediterranean-Atlantic corridor
-the Lyria network > Alps-Rhone-Rhine corridor
-the Nightjet network > North Sea-Eastern Europe corridor
-and the SNCF/Trenitalia network : Northsea-North of Italy corridor.