The Trail by Train Tour (TTT) brings together events that are concerned with preserving the environment. What makes them special? Their starting points are all close to a train station. No need for a car to get there ! Runners are nature lovers, almost by definition. Unfortunately, they sometimes spoil it when they travel long distances by car. The new TTT circuit has been designed to remedy these pitfalls. More serenity and less carbon dioxide! At this stage, eleven great events have already joined the TTT. Others will follow. In order to offer all year round a range of races that are accessible by train, family-friendly, original and attractive.

The TTT is a project born in Brussels during the year 2021, decreed «Year of the Rail» in the countries of the European Union. This project is the joint emanation of the running magazine «Zatopek» which claims its European anchorage and the company organizing sports events, the ASBL Sport et santé.

Trail en forêt près d'un lac

Key idea

The strength of this TTT project comes from its position at the meeting of three convergences.


The use of the train as a means of travel to the different events of the TTT is the real thread of the project. Studies show that, in large popular running events, transport of participants represents the bulk of their carbon footprint.

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(train info + ranking)

A unique registration form has been designed to develop 2 TTT tools:

1/ An information tool

Taking the train is sometimes expensive compared to other means of transportation. On the other hand, if you plan ahead, the prices are often more affordable. To be kept informed, sign up today on the TTT supporters list to be sure to receive all the information concerning train travel for each TTT event (station, schedule, price, adapted fare, possible shuttle service etc.). Of course, you are free to removed yourself from the mailing list at any time. This form will also be used to count your kilometers by train for the original ranking presented below.

2/ A ranking tool

An original ranking tool has been set up. It is about designating the trailer (he/she), not the faster trailer, but the most virtuous in terms of respect for the environment. This ranking is based on the choice of transportation to get to the different races in the TTT agenda. Each time the train is used, the personal score is improved by one point for each kilometer traveled to or from the event. At the end of 2023, awards will be distributed and an article about the winners will be published in the Zatopek magazine. To participate, it’s easy: just fill in the form to count the kilometers traveled by train (with proof) to get to and/or from one of the TTT races. At the end of the year, it will be added up to establish a ranking.

The use of the form (info “train” of the TTT + the counting of kilometers) is free.


Several well-known trailers support the TTT. Andrew “Andy” Symonds is the first one to become an ambassador of the TTT. We are proud of this association for at least two reasons. The first one is obvious, it’s the track record! Andy, a British champion living in France, has won several prestigious events such as the Lavaredo Ultra Trail in 2016, the Trail du Ventoux in 2012 or Les Templiers in 2011, as well as a top 5 at the UTMB in 2019.

The second reason is more surprising. Andy Symonds is one of the few elite international athletes (all sports included) to take into account the environmental impact of his travels when putting together his schedule. Recently, for example, he made the decision not to travel to the Trail World Championships in Thailand for environmental reasons. According to the calculation of his personal carbon footprint, this one trip would indeed ruin all the efforts made during the year to reduce his greenhouse gas emissions (link to the article). This responsible attitude seems to us to be in line with not only the climate challenges that our modern society have to face but also, of course, with the objectives of the TTT which aims, let’s remember, to encourage travel by train to reduce the carbon footprint of major trail-running events.

So we couldn’t dream of a better ambassador to launch the Trail by Train Tour in 2023.

Link to Andy’s blog : sur son blog.

Stages of the 2023 tour

At least 4 countries and 11 events  : Paris – Brussels – Luxembourg – Marseille etc. All concerned cities will be connected with high speed and/or international trains. 4 first European networks/corridors are used or will be used :
-the SNCF/SNCB/Thalys network > North Sea – Mediterranean – Atlantic corridor
-the SNCF/Lyria network > Alps – Rhone – Rhine corridor
-the Nightjet network > North Sea – Eastern Europe corridor
-and the SNCF/Trenitalia network : Northsea – North of Italy corridor.

Calendar of the first 11 events in 2023

Dates Denominations & DescriptionsStationsLEVELS & DISTANCESInfos
05/03Diablerets Trail Blanc at Diablerets (CH)
A white trail surrounded by snowy peaks
300m from the start
20 / 10 km
09/04The Full Moon Trail at Marseille (FR)
By night between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille
Marseille Saint-Charles
1,5km from the shuttle start
Intermediate to experienced
70 / 39 km
16/04The Trail Liège Métropole at Liège (BEL)
In the Belgian Ardennes, along the Ourthe river
the shuttle start
Beginner to intermediate
42 / 21 km
23/04The DKV Urban Trail at Luxembourg (LUX)
From the historic heart of the capital
Luxembourg - CFL
1,2km from the start
Beginner to intermediate
34 / 27 / 18 / 13 km
From 18/05The VVX at Volvic (FR)
An experience of at least two days in the land of volcanoes
5km from the shuttle start
Beginner to intermediate
224/ 110 / 80 / 43 / 25 / 15 km
From 02/06​The SwissCanyonTrail (CH)
A festival of canyons, cliffs, gorges and waterfalls
900m from the start
Intermediate to experienced
111 / 81 / 51 / 31 km
25/06The Oxy'Trail at Marne-la-Vallée (FR)
A nature race that crosses one of the sites of the Paris Olympics
Marne-la-Vallée Chessy
7km by RER (stop Noisiel) + 1km on foot from the start
23 / 13 / 5 km
From 20/07​The Ut4M (FR)
The trail of the Alps. Grenoble, 4 massifs : Magic !
1km from the start
Beginner to experienced
12 distances from 20 to 175 km
From 25/08The Echappée Belle at Aiguebelle (FR)
Through the Belledonne massif, as beautiful as it is demanding
200m from the shuttle start
149 / 84 / 62 / 21 km
03/09The Mega Meyboom Trail at Brussels (BEL)
In the forests of the European capital
7km from the start by bus/tram
Beginner to intermediate
65 / 42 / 21 / 10 km
22/10The Grand Trail du Lac at Bourget du Lac (FR)
The arduous tour of the largest natural lake in France
Chambéry - Challes-Les-Eaux
10km from the start
Intermediate to experienced
75 / 34 km / relais

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