Group registration

Registration fees

Distance> 25/8
Trail 65 km60€
Trail 42 km40€
42 km RB65€
Trail 21 km22€
Trail 10 km17€
Walk 10 or 21km14€

How to

8 good reasons to participate

Last-minute change / Cancellation

Changing the distance of a person in a group: it is possible at the “litige” table, only if the new distance is less than the first one chosen. In this case, there is no supplement or refund. This is a service offered to groups.

Change of names for a bib already printed: within a group, these changes are still possible and free of charge for 1 person or 5% of the group at most. Beyond that, it is necessary to go back to the classic registration process and a payment unrelated to the group payment.

No refunds will be granted for cancellations after the bibs are printed (60 days prior to the race).

Group services

Groups can order medals for their participants. On every distance, there is a team’s ranking classement (companies, associations,…) as well as a school’s ranking.
You are not yet convinced to participate? Read here under the « 8 good reasons to participate », you will discover information’s about collective training sessions or good causes to support among other.


Discount “group Je Cours Pour Ma Forme” (-2€)

Groups “Je Cours Pour Ma Forme” active during the year can create a group to benefit from the 2€ discount per participant. One free bib for an coach up to 30 runners, two free bibs beyond that.
* Individual discount is not possible via the online individual registration form.